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How I work

learn, think, write


The crucial work on any writing project takes place in the briefing, familiarisation and information-gathering process. The better I know you, the more effectively – and economically – I can express your brand and messages. In our initial meeting we can go through your or my copy briefing document, and discuss the main sources of content. I’m equally happy interviewing groups or individuals, doing desk research, re-purposing existing information, or any combination of these.


You’ve come to me because you want messages to be articulated with clarity and impact. So I won’t just ‘tidy up’ information you supply (unless that’s what you want, of course). My approach is to look at the project as a whole. I think about your messages, brand and audiences, as well as design and concept work, and develop an appropriate structure and tone of voice. I’m happy to give you sample copy and a structure summary to illustrate my approach.


My challenge now is to get your point across powerfully and succinctly – in the voice of your organisation and in accurate English. I also check that the whole communication has a logical narrative flow, and that words work well with design. Finally, I proofread my work before sending it to you. My knowledge of grammar comes from years of studying, reading, writing, editing and teaching English (literature and language). I’m still learning.