corporate & marketing brochures • reports • websites • ads • editorial

What I do

engage, inform, entertain

I write on my clients’ behalf to persuade people to do or think something. That ‘thing’ might be understanding their business or organisation better, investing in them, or buying one of their coffeepots.

Whatever the outcome, my job is to communicate in a way that rewards both client and reader. So I:

  • Use techniques to engage readers
  • Find the best way to inform, through message, structure and content
  • Aim to entertain. Reading’s hard work after all.

I write:

Annual, CSR and other corporate reports • B2B and B2C brochures and leaflets  websites • advertisements • staff magazines • employee communications • government and not-for-profit materials • packaging copy • fiction and poetry

I work:

At home or at your premises, whatever works best.

I charge:

A reasonable day, hour or project rate – again, whatever works best for you and your project.